Gazebos are classic structures that can add beauty to any outdoor space. With a huge range of sizes, shapes, styles, and materials it’s easy to find one that meets your needs. However, when choosing the perfect application for your gazebo there are a few that are known to stand out above the rest. Here are some of the best:

A Cool Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen can be an amazing way to spend time with friends and family outside. Yet, without adequate shade it’s not always so convenient to dine outdoors particularly in the summer months. Cooking as well can be quite uncomfortable when you’re stuck somewhere that’s too hot. Having an attractive and cool place to enjoy your meals not only makes for great memories and experiences but lets you really use your kitchen to its full potential. A patio gazebo since it is does not include any flooring and can therefore be installed right over your outdoor kitchen is usually the best option for this use.

A Shady Garden Hideaway

What’s the point of putting all that effort into your garden if you don’t have a spot to enjoy it? A garden gazebo lets you relax in comfort yet in full view of your flowers. Since they are open structures you also will be able to get to experience cool breezes carrying the scent of those flowers which can alone make your hard work worthwhile. Many people like to also plant climbing vines on their gazebo to further enhance their outdoor experience no matter how close to the house you really are.

A Poolside Retreat

Swimming pools can be great fun but the effects of long exposure to UV rays isn’t. Sunburn and risk of skin cancer are not only unpleasant but scary. By simply having a place you can retreat to when it gets too hot or you’ve been in the sun too long, you can reduce the risk of both of these. Plus, you’ll have a spot to take a snooze, have some snacks, or a cold drink that’s not too far from the action. Having a poolside gazebo also lets parents relax while being responsible and keeping an eye on the kids without having to risk overheating themselves which is always a good thing.

A Comfortable Place To Appreciate A Water feature

Water features like ponds are often one of the most attractive features of a yard. But having a comfy place to appreciate it can make all the difference. Without one you risk getting muddy and of course are at the mercy of the weather. By placing your gazebo where you can hear the sound of the water and its creatures you can bring relaxation to a whole nether level. If you have fish you can also use it as somewhere to feed and watch them. No matter how you choose to relax whether it’s having your morning coffee, tea, or just a quiet conversation with a friend doing so in your gazebo and near a water feature can make it a special experience.

As you can see these applications work fantastically well for gazebos. Whether you are looking to keep cool while cooking, get a little shade from the sun when swimming, chill out near the garden, or kick up your feet near a water feature doing so in one of these outdoor structures is the best way to go.

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