Having windows in the shed is very functional; first of all, windows are a source of natural light, and second, they provide good ventilation. Moreover, any shed looks better with windows. Take into consideration that there are several drawbacks to installing windows in your shed, such as decreasing security since it would be easier for potential buglers to see valuable equipment. Weather proofing can decrease as well, and that is why it is recommended to hire experienced installers.

There is wide range of shed windows available on the market. You can pick one of the six main shapes of shed windows:

shed windows

square shed window

  • Standard (rectangular)
  • Square
  • Transom
  • Octagon
  • Half-Round
  • Crank-out

It depends on your personal taste as well as what size and functionality of windows you are looking for. Keep in mind that small windows are usually non-opening and can only serve as a natural source of light. If you need ventilation, you have to choose from bigger size shed windows. You can pick frame material depending on your taste and design of your shed.

Most popular frame options are:

shed windows

shed transom window

  • Aluminum frames – very durable material but slightly pricey
  • Wood clad frames– better appearance, but can be damaged over time, especially in a climate with high humidity
  • uPVC frames – a very good choice since the material is very low maintenance and usually comes repainted so you can even choose a traditional “wood look”

Glass options:

shed windows

aluminum window


  • Double glazed
  • Single glazed
  • Decorative glass, which has a lot of different options and is a good choice for those who are concerned about security. This glass still allows light to go through, but it has very limited visibility
  • Tempered glass (safety glass) crumbles into small pieces if broken, possibly preventing injuries

Finally, even though shed windows add a lot of benefits to your shed, such as brightening up the interior (especially important since most of the storage sheds have no electricity) and providing good ventilation, it is not recommended to install many windows. You still will need the space on the walls to hang your instruments and place mount shelves. For a medium size shed it would be recommended to install up to three windows and placing them on east and south-facing walls since those are the sunniest sides. On the contrary, for garden sheds try to use as many windows as possible, especially if you plan to use it as a greenhouse, since all plants require a lot of sun light. It might be a good idea to install shed doors on the least sunny side of the shed. Make sure that the walls of your shed are strong enough to withstand the windows installation.