Retrofit Windows vs New Construction Windows

When it comes to the choosing the best types of windows for your home, it is important to understand the difference between retrofit windows (also called replacement windows) and new construction windows. A new construction window is one that is designed to be installed when your home is being built while a retrofit is really more of a replacement window.

It must be noted that new construction windows can be used for window glass replacement by simply taking off the additional framing that surround the window itself. However, retrofit windows are often far better suited for such tasks and they come in different varieties of styles such as double glazing for example.

Types of Retrofit Windows

There are several types of windows that are retrofit in design and will fulfill your needs when it comes to replacing what you own. Here are the materials that make up the majority of window frames that you can find on the market today;

  • UPVC
  • Vinyl
  • Wood Clad
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass

The UPVC windows are crafted from a lightweight, yet very strong material that last far longer than vinyl. Vinyl is a highly popular material primarily for its low cost and versatile nature. Wood clad windows are more traditional and crafted from wood, but aluminum windows are more common because they are lightweight and highly durable. Fiberglass windows are also lightweight and durable as well, though perhaps not quite to the level of either UPVC or aluminum.

Best Brands of Retrofit Windows

To get the right type of windows for your replacement needs, it is important to know about the different brands that are available. Here are five of the best brands available;retrofit windows

  • Alside Windows
  • Anderson Windows
  • Gerkin Windows
  • Jeld-wen Windows
  • Marvin Windows

With over six decades in selling new construction and retrofit windows, Alside is certainly one of the more respected when it comes to created energy efficient, vinyl windows for your home. Anderson provides the celebrated wooden windows that have plenty of features, although they are somewhat expensive. Gerkin is arguably most famous for their aluminum windows and provides vinyl ones for residential uses.

Easily one of the biggest names in the business, Jeld-wen sells a wide variety of windows although they may be most celebrated for their wooden frames created from AuraLast wood products. And Marvin is the exceptional, award winning family business that provides a healthy number of window products.

Why Retrofit is Better than New Construction

If you are renovating your home or simply engaging in window repair or replacement, then you’ll want to use retrofit windows as they are generally easier to install, provide more options and contain the latest in energy-saving features such as double glazing for maximum efficiency. If you are looking to replace a window or perhaps replace all of your windows, then going retrofit is a good choice as long as you use the best brands. Your new windows should last a long time and provide good energy efficiency for the home, so be sure to do the research first before selecting the best retrofit style for your residence.