When deciding on furniture for your garden or patio there are many options. However, when it comes to looks and function one stands above the rest. Rattan garden furniture is one choice all homeowners should consider when thinking about adding to their outdoor space. With an abundance of features it is without a doubt a winning solution.

Light In Weight Yet Strong

Among its most well known benefits is just how lightweight it is. Weighing only a fraction of much heavier and bulkier woods, with rattan you won’t have to worry about hurting your back when moving or rearranging it. Whether you want to move it into the garage for storage or to a sunnier or shadier spot on a whim it’s a cinch to do so. Most people are actually shocked to see just how durable rattan garden furniture is as well. It can easily handle the elements and often times even extreme conditions. In fact it is this combination of strength which easily rivals much larger and heavier materials but with also being so light that makes rattan such an ideal material for outdoor furniture.

Enormous Variety

Luckily, its popularity has allowed for manufacturers to produce a wide array of fantastic looking options. Ranging from white all the way to black in color, and with cushions in patterns or solid colors to match any preference or color scheme, there is something to meet the needs of every garden or patio space. For those who like the look of natural rattan but want something even more durable, there is what is called rattan effect garden furniture. This looks just like the real thing but is actually made from plastic resin. The pliability of rattan means it can be made to create furniture of all shapes and sizes from chairs and tables to love seats so regardless of what you are looking for it can almost always be found in rattan.

Space For Storage

Another great advantage of this type of furniture is that it often provides extra storage for outdoor items. You’ll find benches with a hollow core that can accommodate all your pillows, cushions, gardening supplies, and more. Many chairs and tables too, double as a storage space which will not only keep your garden or patio from being cluttered but looking great as well. Some sets are actually designed to be conveniently stored themselves. For example rattan cube garden furniture is made to have all of its components form an attractive looking cube while others may take the form of an egg or oval shape.

With so much to choose from, and so many benefits, its clear to see why so many people decide to go with rattan garden furniture to enhance the look and comfort of their outdoor space. When shopping, be sure to check out sets for the best deals and lowest cost per piece. Regardless of what type, color, or style you choose you’ll sure to be more than satisfied with this uniquely special material!

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