Give your House a New Look with Garage Door Window Inserts

Garage doors are one of the first things people notice when entering your home. There is a number of options for garage door material, the style and the panel design. If your front door design matches the design of the garage doors then it all adds to curb appeal as the garage doors are a substantial part of your home’s exterior. Garage door installation should be done after the design has been matched with the architecture of the entire house. You can choose from a number of designs, and then you can pick the material, such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, steel or aluminum finish. Garage doors can be insulated to maintain temperatures. One way to add distinct appeal to your home front décor is to install garage doors with window inserts. Garage door window inserts can be made of at least six different types of glass.

Glass options:

  • tempered glass
  • clear glass
  • coated glass
  • solar bronze
  • decorative acrylic
  • frosted glass

garage door window insertsThe frames should match the material of the garage door. If your house has a contemporary look, then you can do frameless decorative window inserts. Window inserts do not just add aesthetics to the house but also provide with natural light, especially if you use your garage as a work area or a playroom. In case you feel that the window inserts will interfere with your privacy, especially if your house is facing the street, then you can select stained or frosted glass windows.

If you want to improve the look of your house without investing too much money, you can get decorative faux garage door windows.

Garage door window inserts have become popular because they make the house look more stylish, modern and add value. When adding window inserts to the garage doors it is important to take into consideration door material, panel design and how well they match.

garage door window inserts

square shape

Shape of the inserts: There are different kinds of shapes on the market. The most common are rectangular, semi-circles and squares.

Climate: If you live in an extremely hot or cold climate, then an insulated glass would be the best option for your house.

Window glass replacement in a single-pane window is easy to do, but first of all don’t forget to wear heavy protective gloves and safety goggles. If you need to repair a broken glass then just carefully remove the window insert. Afterwards, remove the pieces of the broken glass from the frame, and with a putty knife clean the edges of the pane. Measure the thickness of the glass as well as height and width of the opening, and buy the needed size glass in the store. Replace the glass using glazing compound for fixation and fix the window insert back to the frame.

Garage door repair: If the garage doors need to be repaired, garage door window inserts should be removed prior to any repairs since there is a possibility that they could be damaged during the process.

garage door window inserts

garage door with window inserts

Garage door installation: If you want to replace your old garage doors and add value to your home,  it has to be done by a professional. Garage doors are very heavy and open under very strong pressure, and it could be very dangerous to install them on your own without any specific knowledge and tools.

Just remember that if you want to install garage doors with window inserts, different types of door materials will need a different type of window frames and retainers. You also have a choice of using snap on window inserts that can be fixed on the present garage doors and placed on the outside.

Garage door window inserts are an essential part of the garage and can significantly improve the look of the entire house.