Five Dynamic Free Landscaping Ideas

The Vital Importance of Landscaping

Today, landscaping around homes and businesses significantly impacts the appearance of properties. Often, developing beautiful exterior grounds enhances both the saleability and market value of real estate. People appreciate lovely park-like environments around buildings. Here are just five dynamic free landscaping ideas:

Tip Number One: Use Light Effectively

yard lighteningOften people will spend considerable time and energy improving the appearance of a lawn, but overlook the potential for augmenting outside lighting. It makes sense to pay attention to this issue, since the effective use of landscaping lights can highlight the beauty of the property at night, too. Additionally, lights contribute to the safety of residents and visitors by helping prevent accidents and by deterring vandalism. Today, in the era of solar power and LED lights, many inexpensive yet highly effective lighting options exist: using lights to showcase paths, entrances, and landscaping features at night sometimes holds great value.

Tip Number Two: Address Hard to Mow Spots in Yards

Many yards suffer from “problem” areas, such as steeply elevated hillsides or rocky, barren exposures that prove difficult to mow. If these places detract from the overall appearance of the property, one effective approach involves using creative landscaping techniques that eliminate the need for a lawnmower to access hard-to-trim spots. For instance, attractive floral coverings can replace the lawn in these locations; consider installing a terraced restraining wall or raised bed flower garden over steep hillsides and planting growing zone-appropriate ground cover there instead to create beautiful floral displays.

Tip Number Three: Notice Water Usage

In some locales, conservation restrictions limits the amount of water property owners can use to keep plants and lawns green. If this situation applies in your locale, you may want to consider reducing the overall area of the lawn and replacing some grassy areas with a rock garden. Many landscapers use river rock or other attractive stone coverings around buildings instead of grasses in order to reduce water bills. Eliminating some vegetation may also offer additional protection from fires. These arrangements can prove very beautiful, especially in dry, hot climates.

Tip Number Four: Observe Paths

Another useful landscaping idea concerns the appearance of paths or sidewalks. It can prove helpful to pay close attention to areas of heavy foot traffic on properties, in order to make certain that attractive footpaths exist along all the most commonly used routes. Additionally, if the project fits your overall property decor, augmenting the overall appearance of a path may contribute to an attractive landscape. For instance, a homeowner might consider overlaying a concrete sidewalk on the property with a veneer to fit a particular color scheme or architectural style.

Tip Number Five: Consider Adding Belgian Block Curbing

To prevent driveways and edges of the lawn from appearing ragged, property owners sometimes add elevated Belgian Block Curbing. This consists of a slightly elevated even line of stone blocks embedded in concrete and carefully positioned to form a clear continuous surface. Generally, the assistance of a masonry or landscaping professional is required to install this type of skilled landscaping improvement. The results can prove very effective in adding clear contours to the property that enhance the overall appearance of the lawn and drive.


One of the most joyful aspects of free landscaping ideas involve the creativity associated with each project. Property owners may find that devoting extra attention to the exterior of a residential or commercial property today results in future benefits. Improvements to the yard often contribute favorably to the overall appearance of the premises over the course of time. This situation offers enduring value to residents and visitors!