Advantages of Solar Energy for the Home

When it comes to the advantages of solar energy for home owners, there are certainly plenty that it offers. Over the past half-century, solar panels have been used for both residential and commercial uses providing clean energy solutions that are safe and practical.

Today, thanks to the renewed interest in protecting the environment, technical advances in the creation of solar panels and fluctuating energy costs, the efficiency of solar power is becoming highly sought after by residents who want to lower their overall energy bills.

Solar Power Pros and Cons

The advantages of solar energy for the homeowner are considerable, especially over the time you stay in your residence. 

solar panels

photovoltaic power plant

Save Money: The main advantage derived from solar energy is that over the long run you will save thousands of dollars off of your electricity bills. The good news is that the savings start immediately, so you can start enjoying the benefits right away.

Short Payback Period: If you choose to pay for the installation all at once, you may pay it off in the first 10 years of using solar panels. This can represent a considerable amount of savings, especially when combined with the tax credits for installation.

Add to Your Home Value: One of the biggest benefits is how solar panels add to the value of your home as they are highly prized by potential buyers. Homes that have solar energy generally sell 20% faster than homes without any solar panels.

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Solar Attic Fan 30-watt

Long Lasting Performance: Generally speaking, solar panels are designed to last a minimum of 20 to 25 years for maximum performance under warranty and generally from 40 to 50 years in terms of their durability barring any unexpected forces damaging the panels themselves.

Easy Maintenance: Solar panels are tough and durable, designed to last in the sun for many, many years. An occasional cleaning is all they need to stay efficient, but it is possible that severe storms may affect them, so having the panels inspected for damage after major storms is always a good idea.

Protecting the Environment: Using solar panels means less fossil fuels are consumed to provide electricity for your home. This means less air pollution which will help save our environment. Just imagine if every home had solar panels which would drop our dependence on fossil fuels considerably and increase our energy independence tremendously.

The disadvantages of solar energy begin with the inherent limitations of the panels only charging up when the sun is out plus the initial cost of installing the solar panels. However, there are solar batteries that can store the energy collected during the day so that the electricity can be used at night. Plus, the installation costs can be offset to a great degree by the tax credits that are now available.

sun powerOverall, eco friendly homes will greatly benefit from the installation of solar panels as they will enjoy the many advantages of solar energy. However, solar energy is for every home owner who wants to pay less each month on their electricity bill and make their own contribution towards a cleaner environment.